A little slack?

We have the solution!

- 100 g of sprouted green buckwheat
- 40 g of walnuts
- 40 g of sesame
- 30 g of raisins
- 40 g of oatmeal
- 40 g of melted coconut oil
- 2 large royal dates
- 30 g of date syrup or agave syrup
- 15 g of superfoods @matchabotanicals_fr

For tasty and healthy energy bars, you need very little time and an affordable product package. So what are you waiting for? 😃

It is advisable to sprout buckwheat seeds in order to make them softer in taste and more interesting from a nutritional point of view! But if this is not possible, you can buy ready-to-use buckwheat seeds in an organic store, or simply rinse the buckwheat well and let it soak for a few hours in water, drain and rinse again and dry with a towel.

It is advisable not to replace coconut oil with another oil, it is essential for the holding of the bar.

Date syrup can be replaced by any other syrup; maple, agave, sunchoke/sunroot... Finely chop the walnuts and oatmeal in a grinder (if you don't sprout and soak the buckwheat, you can also blend it at the same time), cut the dates into small pieces, mix it with the rest of the dry ingredients including the GOOD MOOD, which will give your bars a delicious chocolate flavor.
Add the syrup and coconut oil to the preparation, mix well again, divide into several equal parts and form bars.

Put them in the freezer for an hour.

For a simple frosting, you can use one of our vegan chocolate - just melt it in a double boiler and dip the bars in the melted chocolate.

If there is no chocolate, you can make a frosting from cocoa butter, icing sugar, and blue, green or pink matcha.

If there is NOTHING 😂, you can perfectly not freeze the bars, they are very tasty without it.

The main thing is not to eat everything at once! 😁 
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