Glace au matcha

Matcha ice cream

Want to enjoy a sweet matcha tea ice cream at home? 😍
For this ice cream you will need:
- Homemade ice cream
- Matcha tea from @matchabotanicals_fr 
- A mixer

Optional: freeze-dried raspberries, nuts, salted butter caramel, chocolate chips and anything else you might like!

So to make this ice cream, leave your ice cream at room temperature for half an hour or an hour, the ice cream should not melt much, just become creamier so that it can be whipped with a blender. This step can be avoided if you have a powerful blender.

Start whipping the ice cream and gradually add the matcha in powder form (you don't need to dilute it with water before). We recommend taking Early Harvest or Ceremonial, they will give the ice cream a vibrant color and a smooth, subtle taste.

The amount of tea is up to you, try the ice cream as you go.

By the way, at first the ice cream may not have a bright green color, but after a day or two in the freezer the color will become more intense.

Whip the cream until the texture is smooth.

If you want, at the end you can add other ingredients like chocolate chips, berries, caramel, stirring with a wooden spoon.

Then you can put the ice cream in a pastry bag and arrange it artistically in a bowl or on a dessert.

For a more dense texture, like in the photo, ideal for forming balls, transfer the ice cream to a glass container and leave it in the freezer for about an hour - so that it does not have time to freeze completely , but simply to strengthen.

Enjoy your creamy matcha ice cream 🍦🌿

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